среда, 13 мая 2009 г.

In "Metro-Jackpot" burned 9 people

Nine people dead and eleven people in the hospital - this is the result of the terrible fire in a room the room of slot machines network Metro-Jackpot." Across the country have begun checking the relevant institutions, as Yulia Tymoshenko refused to even visit to EU summit, and flew to Kiev, where the tragedy occurred.

PE happened about an hour yesterday morning. At 0.45 on the fire panel received the message that lit hall gambling machines Metro-Jackpot on Prospect Gagarina, 127, located on the first floor brick hruschevki. At the time of the fire at the casino were 60 people, many of whom gathered to watch the football match "Chelsea" - "Barcelona". As the evil turn of irony, one of the machines near the exit from the casino. In just a few minutes pungent smoke filled up all the small room. Inside started panicking - the guards tried to douse the fire, some of the visitors rushed to the burning entrance, trying to escape. The second way, as it turned out later, was tightly closed, in the room there was not a single window.

"All the time strum alarm, - says one of the tenants. - And then I woke tap - as if someone sledgehammer to the car lupil long and hard (it tried to dislodge the armored doors of black progress in the people locked in a room caught fire)."

"Around polpervogo night," - says another witness tragedy - I felt a strong smell in the apartment of burnt plastic and heard the cry for help. Was on the balcony and saw clouds of smoke from the casino roof. GAI came first, then fire. The fire quickly put out the . But when I saw how they make the corpses, one by one, and put on the asphalt, was just terribly. "

Firemen said that profits in 0.53, but 9 people had already died from carbon monoxide poisoning with smoke. "We have to put out fairly quickly - the head of the fire number 1 on the protection Жовтневого Eugene area Arzhantsev. - But in the room was a very strong smoke. Had to work in isolation masks and almost touch. Tilted, raised, one could find. In a room alone dead bodies and people with no conscience. I do not remember that we helped someone - anyone who could, fled. "

Outcome awful. Killed seven guests and three more staff. Already identified kassirshu Alexander Zarudnev, guard Sergei Moiseenko and operator of gaming machines Galina Usyku. Another 11 visitors were taken to the burns "more."

It should be noted that the fire in the casino not to joke perepoloshil and power. Already by the morning at the scene were the Governor of Vladimir Bondar, the head of the Ministry of Emergencies Volodymyr Shandra, and even abolishing any case, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. According to V. Shandra, the preliminary cause of fire - short-circuiting one of the gaming machines located at the entrance to the premises. Incidentally, the governor immediately ordered to cease operation of all recreational facilities in the area until they are inspected for safety of their work.

Residents of nearby houses also tend to the other versions - arson. Indeed, in the neighborhood is built, another institution of its kind. Maybe operators have decided to eliminate the competition?

According to one member of a special commission to investigate the causes of the tragedy, People's Deputy from BYUT Vadim Korotyuka, cause of fire could be an explosion. "There are witnesses who say that in front of the fire heard the distinctive cotton," - said the MP.

Dnipropetrovsk oblast Prosecutor Michael Kosyuta yesterday reported that the explosion into a criminal case and arrested the Director of Network gambling Metro-Jackpot "Konstantin Ivanov. The "Impulse" promised to pay compensation to the families of those killed - 100 ths and 50 ths - hospitalized.

It should also say that the Cabinet yesterday suspended the license gambling establishments in the month, starting from 8 May. During this period they must all be tested. But after checking the license will not receive a network of gambling establishments, and each cabin individually. However, the Ukrainian Association of Gambling does not believe that the ruling Tymoshenko will become a reality: the law is not specified the possibility of revocation of all licenses at the same time ...